A Multifunctional and Easy-to-Carry Product That Will Keep You and Your Family Safe During an Emergency


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"When things go bad, you either have it or you don't. This is the perfect tool in case of emergency."

  • Upgraded Version With 5000 mAh Battery Capacity

  • High-quality AM & FM Radio: Enjoy your preferred talk and music channels with excellent reception through the 3.5mm hidden headphone jack or the built-in speaker

  • 7 NOAA Weather Channels: Stay up to date with the latest weather forecasts

  • Shortwave Radio: Follow national news updates & more

  • Power Bank Function: Charges your phone & more

  • Super-Bright LED Flashlight: Lifesaving visibility for you and your family

  • 5 Different Power Sources: You won't run out of options to charge it

  • SOS Alarm: Loud SOS alarm to ask for help in case of emergency

  • Reading Lamp 

  • IPX3 Waterproof

  • In Stock. Ready to ship.

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  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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Life is full of uncertainties, emergencies often occur unexpectedly and natural disasters sometimes strike without any warning signs. The least we could do is to be prepared by having essential emergency supplies on hand, making a plan for yourself and your loved ones, and being informed. Such simple and easy actions will make all the difference.

These are things for which we should all be prepared, but none of us are. Having an emergency radio does not make you paranoid; it makes you smart.

A NOAA Weather Radio can help you monitor dangerous storms: it transmits alerts of severe weather and dangerous conditions before they arrive.

The ETR Solar Hand Crank Radio is the best survival radio outperforming other models in terms of reception, flashlight brightness, and charging efficiency. 

A cutting-edge portable radio that enables you to maintain contact with the outside world. A personal power bank, regular AM/FM/SW channels, an ultra-bright LED flashlight, reading light, SOS alarm and national weather warnings are all provided using just solar energy.


Are the batteries included with the purchase?

Yes! The radio comes with a 18650 rechargeable battery of 3.7V.

How can I charge it?

This emergency radio can be charged in 3 different ways:

  1. Via the micro USB port.
  2. Using the sun via it's built-in solar panel.
  3. Using the hand-crank (dynamo)

For how long can be used after fully charged?

We have tested our ETR Radio multiple times and we are confident to say that it lasts about 20 hours after fully charged.

If the 5000mAh power bank is depleted and my phone is plugged into it, would the phone still charge off of the triple a batterys?

Yes! The batteries will charge your plugged device if the power bank is depleted.

What is the SOS alarm?

If you switch to the SOS, the device will emit a loud and strong siren sound that will let people know you need help. It won’t send any radio signal or make phone calls.

Is this radio waterproof?

Yes, this emergency radio offers an IPX3 level waterproof.

Can I use this as standalone radio device? Like play entertainment channels?

Yes, of course! You can listen to FM radio all the time if you want. It's very versatile and although is very useful in emergency situations it's also a very practical and useful device to carry around for camping and other outdoor activities.

How long does delivery take?

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What's your return policy?

Providing our customers with excellent quality products is something we strive for. However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the item to us in its original condition within 30 days of receipt. You are fully protected by a 30 Days Money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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We Believe that Every Home Should Have One as Standard Equipment
best hand crank emergency radio, emergency solar hand crank radio, weather emergency radio
We Believe that Every Home Should Have One as Standard Equipment

In a world where anything can happen, a hand crank radio can literally save your life, and every family, couple, and individual needs to have one within close reach.

Think about it for a minute, if one of these natural disasters happened, your home could lose power, water, or even be destroyed, and you might even have to leave your home quickly.

You’re going to need something that’s ready to go, that has the important items that you need. 

A flashlight, drink, possibly some food, and a multitool will be required. The government even advises you to have these items on hand in case of an emergency.

An Effective Radio That Makes a World Difference

In an emergency situation, information makes all the difference. THIS life saving device is all you need in a survival situation to get the information you need.

Hand crank emergency radios are simply more reliable than cell phones and the internet in emergency situations. Cell towers and networks are vulnerable and susceptible to service disruption from extreme weather, mechanical failure, and solar flares.

Based on DynaSafe™2.0 crank radio and customer's feedback, we've optimized and upgraded a lot of features in this ETR Emergency Solar Radio with 5000mAh battery.

NOAA weather radio, solar radio, dynamo radio

Charge it Using the Sun

As long as you have sun, you'll have power with this radio. It has a 45 mAh solar panel built-in so it will charge your radio in no time. 

  • Car's dash

  • Windowsill

  • Patio
  • Backpack while hiking

  • Anywhere there's sun! 

emergency radio, survival radio, camping radio
Charge it Using the Sun

As long as you have sun, you'll have power with this wind up radio. A 45 mAh solar panel is integrated into each of them.

  • Car's dash

  • Windowsill

  • Patio
  • Backpack while hiking

  • Anywhere there's sun! 

Charge it Anywhere

If you run out of battery and don't have sun to charge it, you can always use the hand-crack system for charging it if needed. We made sure you don't run out of options to make the device work with 5 different ways of charging.

You'll be 10 setps ahead with this portable survival radio.

battery operated radio, solar radio, best hand crank emergency radio
2 Emergency Light Sources

Built into your radio, you’ll get an ultra-bright flashlight . This is why most people grab a few. To keep in the garage, car, cabin and bug-out bag. It gives you and your family life-saving visibility.

You can also enjoy your book with the angle-adjustable reading lamp while camping.

solar crank radio with flashlight and reading lamp

ETR vs Others

Survival Hand Crank Radio, handheld radio recharging using solar panels


High-quality FM, AM & NOAA Radio Sound

Charges in 5 Ways

Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight

Powers Your Phone and Other Devices


Reading Lamp

SOS Alarm

Backed by 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Package Includes
emergency portable radio,  AM FM Weather Radio






Radio Frequency Range

NOAA 162.400-162.550MH

FM 87-108MHz

AM 52-171KHz

Power Capacity/Voltage


Shortwave Radio

7MHz - 19Mhz

SOS Siren


Battery Type

18650 Li-ion battery

Waterproof Level


Our Customers LOVE This Solar Radio

"Finally, a FULL-featured weather alert emergency radio! I looked and looked... there are numerous emergency radios with various features, but I could not find an emergency radio with ALL of the features I wanted. This weather radio has it all. Definitely a must have."

- Rebecca & Javier

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